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Comprehensive Product Offerings

At ProEquities, we provide diverse product offerings to empower independent financial advisors with the resources, support, and confidence necessary to enable their clients to realize their goals. Our broad product lineup gives advisors the tools to help each client build a strong financial foundation.

Protective Securities

At Protective Securities, we strive every day to be the preeminent firm serving entities in need of capital solutions. Our relationships are key to our success: The talent of our professional staff allows us to research business initiatives, craft financial solutions, and market financial vehicles through appropriate distribution channels, producing the results our clients are looking for. We’re proud to be a high-performing division of ProEquities, Inc., and together we provide capital solutions our clients can trust.

Support for You and Your Advisor

Once you’ve selected your financial advisor, you want to build a solid relationship of understanding, trust, and a solid vision for the future. Your advisor is your first point-of-contact for planning, decision making, and excellent service. At ProEquities, our role is to support your advisor every step of the way, providing the tools to help you and your advisor build your financial future together.

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