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Our thoughts are with everyone during these unusual times, and we assure you that we are working to make certain your needs are met without interruption. While we do not envision any interruptions in service and have taken steps to make this a reality, we do ask for your patience in the event you experience an unforeseen delay. If you are unable to reach your financial representative, you may contact ProEquities client services at 1-800-288-3035 or email at We appreciate your patience and are committed to serving you.

Commission vs. Fee – which model is best? ProEquities’ Libet Anderson offers 3 considerations to help determine the approach that best serves your clients and your business.

Posted on October 31, 2018

Many advisors have developed a strong bias for the advisory model, believing it’s the best and, in some instances, only way to serve clients. Yes, the “fee-only” route may work for most, but it won’t for others. Our managing director of advisory recommends the top three steps for advisors to reset the commission to fee-based business transition.

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