Higher Standards

High Quality, Higher Standards

Over the years, our standards have evolved from both industry best practices and our team’s experience. Our knowledge and commitment to our advisors and their clients ensures we consistently meet our goal of exceptional service as defined by our partners.

Part of that commitment is the many trusted solutions we provide. Not only are we a values-driven company, we also offer the best possible products and services that we have vetted in our rigorous due diligence process. Our company’s vision truly shines through our support. 

We’re also constantly refining our approach. Our management team and their staff monitor performance at the highest level to make sure it meets the highest standards.

Today, and every day, ProEquities puts that culture to work. We know it takes more than innovative tools to build businesses, and we will listen, think, and respond to your advisors, so they can help you achieve your financial goals. 

*Average annual retention rate of 97% for each of the last 10 years for advisors with a minimum GDC of $150k through 2Q18.

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