The ProElite Group is a concierge-style service for ProEquities’ top advisors. In addition to our company’s personalized planning services, the ProElite group has access to a dedicated relationship manager who is there to assist these advisors with their unique needs. In today’s fast-paced market, ProEquities understands the demands on our top advisors and shows our continued support and dedication to them by providing this additional service to better service their needs.


  • Invitations are extended based on previous calendar year’s 12-month GDC.
    • Every 12 months, advisors must re-qualify.
  • Only advisor's GDC will be calculated for the ProElite Group.
  • Current ProElite advisors who do not meet the $400K annual qualifying mark will have their previous 3 years’ GDC averaged to see if they qualify.


  • Direct access to ProElite Relationship Manager via:
    • Dedicated email address and dedicated ProElite email
    • Dedicated 800 number and fax number
  • Priority processing of paperwork
  • Advanced notification of new products
  • Priority registration to ProEquities’ Business Builders
  • Invitation to ProEquities’ Elite Summit
  • Special recognition at ProEquities’ conferences
  • Customized technology consultation
  • Ability to schedule one-on-one or individual office training for new and existing advisors and staff
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