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Our thoughts are with everyone during these unusual times, and we assure you that we are working to make certain your needs are met without interruption. While we do not envision any interruptions in service and have taken steps to make this a reality, we do ask for your patience in the event you experience an unforeseen delay. If you are unable to reach your financial representative, you may contact ProEquities client services at 1-800-288-3035 or email at We appreciate your patience and are committed to serving you.


The ProElite Group is a concierge-style service for ProEquities’ top advisors. In addition to our company’s personalized planning services, the ProElite group has access to a dedicated relationship manager who is there to assist these advisors with their unique needs. In today’s fast-paced market, ProEquities understands the demands on our top advisors and shows our continued support and dedication to them by providing this additional service to better service their needs.


  • Invitations are extended based on previous calendar year’s 12-month GDC.
    • Every 12 months, advisors must re-qualify.
  • Only advisor's GDC will be calculated for the ProElite Group.
  • Current ProElite advisors who do not meet the $400K annual qualifying mark will have their previous 3 years’ GDC averaged to see if they qualify.


  • Direct access to ProElite Relationship Manager via:
    • Dedicated email address and dedicated ProElite email
    • Dedicated 800 number and fax number
  • Priority processing of paperwork
  • Advanced notification of new products
  • Priority registration to ProEquities’ Business Builders
  • Invitation to ProEquities’ Elite Summit
  • Special recognition at ProEquities’ conferences
  • Customized technology consultation
  • Ability to schedule one-on-one or individual office training for new and existing advisors and staff
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