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Our thoughts are with everyone during these unusual times, and we assure you that we are working to make certain your needs are met without interruption. While we do not envision any interruptions in service and have taken steps to make this a reality, we do ask for your patience in the event you experience an unforeseen delay. If you are unable to reach your financial representative, you may contact ProEquities client services at 1-800-288-3035 or email at We appreciate your patience and are committed to serving you.

Protective Securities

Going Beyond Traditional Wealth Preservation

As a division of ProEquities, Protective Securities helps you support your clients with the tools, talent, and execution to deliver customized and diversified portfolio solutions. Advisors who partner with us benefit from leveraging cost efficiencies through access to competitive products, in-depth analytics, and the resources that much larger and less nimble organizations maintain. This is why many refer to Protective Securities as a boutique, specialty firm.

Our Competitive Advantage as a Boutique, Specialty Firm

Execution: A successful partner provides tangibles and intangibles when it comes to building a relationship. Quality execution is what makes Protective Securities stand out and drives financial advisors back to us time-and-time again.

Quality of Service: Most financial advisors have distinct opinions, preferences, and requirements. For that reason, we maintain an intense focus on where you want to go and how we can assist you. We are here to use our industry-based expertise as a bridge for your success and the success of your clients.

Speed: We focus on expedience with an acute awareness of surrounding market conditions. When we are working together to achieve your clients’ goals, we understand volatility and provide timely recommendations to take full advantage of the opportunities available.

Price: The price advantage we achieve comes from our value-added relationships with the market. At the core of our relationships is the trust we have built with our peers over time, based on years of repeat business. Our connections run deep, and we commit to sharing those benefits with you.

Protective Securities is backed by the strength of several significant business entities, including Protective Life Corporation, Protective Life Insurance Company, and ProEquities.

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