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The Good News…And the Not-So-Good News

The good news is we are living longer.

But in some instances, living longer requires a larger nest egg with which to enjoy your Golden Years. And when you take into account issues such as market fluctuations and the uncertainty of Social Security, planning now for later becomes even more crucial.

The good news is our children love us enough to return home.

But sometimes that means an additional financial burden as we continue to support our kids while they acclimate to the “real world.” Planning for the possibility of being a bread winner for your adult children is the reality for many parents today.

The good news is that financial markets have done well in recent years.

But the truth is, markets fluctuate and tend to come down after they’ve gone up. Having a plan that accounts for the volatilities in the market is a critical discipline that many investors often lack.

The Great News?

ProEquities exists to support professional financial advisors so that they can help steer you away from the not-so-good. The time is right to find an advisor who will listen to what you say, think about what matters most to you, and respond to you in a meaningful, educated manner.

At ProEquities, we support your advisor so that your advisor can spend more time supporting you.


What is a broker-dealer?

Broker dealers are the people behind the scenes. A broker dealer firm can be a full service organization that supports licensed financial professionals conducting business with members of the general public or investors. Broker dealers traditionally work with advisors rather