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To Banks and Credit Unions:  

All broker/dealers have the magic five: products, service, tools, support, and compensation. Those are just table stakes to ProEquities. We go beyond simple lip service to help you REALLY build your business.

And, we certainly understand regulatory issues associated with offering non-deposit investment products through a financial institution. We have built a solid, multi-disciplined due diligence team with the attitude of “Business Continuation” as opposed to “Sales Prevention”. Our policies are vetted by field OSJs to keep a balance between our advisors and home office. Products, when appropriate, are studied by third party due diligence experts. And, since a significant number of our management team members have served in key positions at financial institutions, we know how important it is to mitigate risk for all involved.

ProEquities is focused on supporting each financial institution advisor in many ways. Specifically, when it comes to educational support, we want your advisors to “learn their way”. Venues can be face-to-face or through virtual learning methods. Ask about:

  • Getting Started Forums
  • Niche Market Workshops
  • National Product Road Shows
  • Business & Lifestyle Management Conferences, and
  • Technology Training – so doing business is easier