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ProEquities Advisor Support 

Our operations management team strives to maintain optimal operational efficiency and effectiveness by focusing on, and managing to, a stringent set of performance standards. To our way of thinking, the less time you spend on administrative tasks the more time you have to manage your clients and build relationships. We’re always checking our support service numbers to make sure we are consistently exceeding our advisors’ expectations.

Our Metrics Don't Fib

• Average call response time of less than 9 seconds (approximately three rings)
• Average hold time of less than 30 seconds    

Over the years, our standards have evolved from a combination of industry best practices and the experience of our talented and seasoned team of operations professionals. ProEquitie's know-how and commitment ensures that we are consistently meeting our goal of delivering exceptional service.

Our operational performance is constantly monitored at the highest level of ProEquitie's management. In addition, we are continuously surveying our financial advisors to determine where improvements are needed and how we can better serve their every need.