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Specialized Markets Require Special Attention

ProEquities Niche Markets programs focus on specialized markets which have unique opportunities to attract clients. There is usually a special relationship between the client and the program participants that requires marketing and operational systems to maximize that uniqueness. 

Two examples of Niche Markets served by ProEquities are CPA Advisory Services and Financial Institution Programs. 

CPA Advisory Services

ProEquities is committed to building successful strategic alliances between financial advisors, CPAs, and their clients. We have a proven blueprint to follow which has flexibility to allow you to customize your relationship for success. We believe that a sound business model provides a roadmap for growth. Results proven systems and education allow the CPA firm and financial advisor to create a strategic alliance that is a win-win for all involved.

Financial Institution Programs

ProEquities uses two business models in working with Financial Institutions. The first model is the Sub-contractor model. In this model the financial advisors provide third party services to the financial institution either at their office or at the financial institution for a split in commissions. The second model is the Bank employee model where the financial institution hires an employee to provide financial services for the institution.

Committed to Your Success

ProEquities works with financial institutions and financial advisors to determine which model works best for each situation. We provide the resources and education to make your program successful. Implementation support, compliance direction, and marketing strategies are just the beginning of our commitment to your success.