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Marketing Know-How

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When you work with ProEquities, you can count on the support of an experienced, coordinated, and dedicated marketing team.

For us, marketing is an ongoing process of constantly fine-tuning what many traditionally refer to as the magic five: product, service, tools, all kinds of support, and compensation. To us, those are everyday table stakes. From our perspective, the goal is to communicate in ways that create, build, and strengthen relationships—between advisors and clients.  We are believers in both traditional and nontraditional marketing concepts. When it comes to "digital marketing," we promote how social media and other efforts can complement and increase the effectiveness of other marketing techniques.

Marketing & Communications Support

There are many ways a true Marketing Communications Department can support their advisors and their clients.

Our communications efforts extend to many areas that help build business including:

For those advisors with OSJ approval, enjoy the benefits of social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter) in your marketing mix.

  • Client collateral materials that effectively explain our products and services, increase awareness, and enhance understanding
  • Advisor materials with the depth and detail needed to help you work smarter and more confidently
  • 24/7 access to Brainshark presentations and webinars
  • Electronic access to a significant knowledge-base from a broad selection of third-party providers and the services they provide, including logo designers, short & long format videos, and even high-end client magazines
  • And, don’t forget about the web site itself


At the end of the day, our business only succeeds if yours does.