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Fixed Income

Protective Securities, a division of ProEquities, offers a wide variety of competitive fixed income products providing a predictable income stream for our clients.

For those advisors often keenly interested in serving the high net worth market, we offer this traditional instrument at price levels competitive with large regional and wirehouse firms. We go beyond a brokerage mentality to support you with tools, talent, and execution to satisfy your specific desires and needs. Among our array reside:

 • Direct U.S. Gov't & Agency Bonds   • Municipal Bonds 
 • Corporate Bonds   • Mortgage-Backed Securities/CMOs 
 • Asset-Backed Securities   • Certificates of Deposit 
 • Zero-Coupon Bonds   • Zero-Coupon Municipal Bonds 
 • Treasury Bonds   • Inflation Protection Products 
 • Bond Ladders   • Portfolio Evaluation 
 • Underwriting of Municipal & Corporate Debt Instruments                       


For those organizations seeking capital solutions, allow our seasoned investment banking professionals the opportunity to demonstrate their prowess in crafting an answer tailored to your needs.